Fifth generation Swiss Chocolate Chef Albert Lauber would never have dreamed about mixing chocolate with something as American as potato chips, but when he tasted them, he couldn’t say no. 

A few years ago, figuring that anything tastes good when covered with Neuchatel’s Chocolate, employees began covering anything in sight with chocolate. One ambitious employee placed a potato chip on the chocolate covering conveyor belt and The Swiss Chip was born. Everyone was excited about their new tantalizing chocolate treat. 

The joyous employees brought their creation to Albert, who tasted it and with a surprised grin on his face said, “This actually tastes good!” Even Albert couldn’t say no. 

Since then, Swiss Chips have become one of Neuchatel Chocolates’ best sellers! The salt, crunchiness and chocolate mix is irresistible. Customers love their mouth-watering taste. Some even joke and say they are “addictive, you can never have enough!” 

Swiss Chips have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, on the several news shows, and on the Caroline Rhea show. Everyone is in love with the Swiss Chip – a sensational and delicious chocolate treat.

Swiss Chips are made from pure Swiss chocolate, which Albert imports directly from Switzerland, and All-American Herr’s potato chips. Herr’s is a local snack food factory located 20 minutes away from Neuchatel Chocolates Inc. in Nottingham, PA. 

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Dec 22, 2021

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